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Tianyi Yan

Ms. Tianyi Yan is a medical anthropologist and research postgraduate student in the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. She received her MA in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her BA in Dutch from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prior to beginning her RPG studies at HKU, Ms. Yan served as a palliative and hospice care volunteer since 2018.

Ms. Yan’s current research focuses on the moral experience of Chinese volunteers providing pediatric hospice care service. She is currently writing an MPhil thesis entitled Pathways to Perseverance: Pediatric Hospice Care Volunteers in Mainland China. Her research is motivated by the urgent need for and serious lack of pediatric hospice care in mainland China and her observations of the frequent burnout and high turnover rates among pediatric hospice care volunteers. 

➤ Selected Publications and Presentations

Yan, Tianyi and Priscilla Song. “Uncertain Prognoses and Groping Caregivers: Chronic Dying in a Pediatric Hospice Ward in Beijing.” Oral online presentation for the Chronic Living Conference, Copenhagen (March 2021).

Yan, Tianyi. “Hope and Hoping Unified in Serving: Volunteers’ Experience in Pediatric Hospice Care in Mainland China.” Oral online presentation for the 12th Annual Chinese University of Hong Kong Anthropology Postgraduate Student Forum, Hong Kong (January 2021).

Yan, Tianyi. “在言语交流之外:儿童舒缓照护志愿服务的可能性探索 (Other than Verbal Communication: Possibilities of Volunteer Service in Pediatric Palliative Care).” Oral online presentation for the 3rd National Pediatric Palliative Care Training Conference (第三届全国儿童舒缓治疗新知学习班), Beijing (September 2020).

➤ Contact Information

Centre for the Humanities and Medicine
Centennial Campus
The University of Hong Kong